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 I help businesses cut energy overheads

to improve profits and increase efficiency



  How much can you save in your business?


Stephen's expertise, experience and professional guidance has enabled a very wide range of businesses and organisations to cut energy costs - increasing both performance and profit levels. 

ESOS assessments, energy audits and ESOS compliance

helping you reduce your business energy bills 

Experienced, professional energy management consultant and ESOS assessor

Stephen's qualifications include BA Econ (Hons),  MEI Chartered Energy Manager and registered Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Assessor.

Stephen is also a consultant and certificated Lead Auditor for ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.

If you could benefit from Stephen's help with your ESOS compliance assessment, to reduce your business energy costs, improve your energy management systems, secure ISO 50001 energy management system certification or simply have a question to ask, then let Stephen know.


cutting your business energy charges provides valuable, ongoing benefits

But sadly, far too many companies lack the experience, expertise, training or knowledge to take full advantage of their energy savings opportunities. Increasing Benefits from Business Energy Savings

Reduce Business Energy CostsSo they continue to waste money unnecessarily, year after year.  

Paying out far more than they need to, instead of reducing energy costs and boosting profits.

As a commercial and industrial energy management consultant, Stephen has worked closely with businesses in a wide range of different industries over the last 18 years.  

They all share a common goal to cut energy overheads, stop wasting energy, increase energy efficiency and secure a competitive advantage.



how the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, ESOS, can help you

When completing energy audits and ESOS assessments Stephen uses a simple step by step approach to help clients learn how to manage, control and reduce their energy charges.Energy Bills Text

Stephen's now working on ESOS Phase 2 Compliance.  Your ESOS assessment and ESOS report will provide you with a better understanding of how your energy is being used, as well as helping you identify your main energy savings opportunities.

With the emphasis on avoiding technical jargon and keeping the concepts and discussions as simple as possible. 

Which helps you focus on how you can take maximum advantage of the improvements, energy savings and financial benefits available to you.


Compiling Business Energy Savings Data


for an initial, exploratory discussion


on your ESOS assessment and ESOS Compliance


and how you can 

reduce your business energy charges

to improve your business performance


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